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 A cold morning

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PostSubject: A cold morning   Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:26 pm

Jenna bent over from breathing so hard. Her breath made fog each time she took a breath. She leaned against the tall wooden fence, the feilds behind her. Jenna heard a galloping of hooves, and then Charlie's tan and brown head peaked over the fence, nudging at her hands to get the apple. She smiled brightly, caught by surprize.
Jenna then walked slowly over to the stable, Charlie already trotting there. he neighed impatiently at her, but she went slowly. She grabbed his brown reins and brown and red stadle. Jenna slumped the sadle over the fence, while putting the reins on his head, back out at the feilds. Charlie stomped his hooves impatiently, waiting for his master to get the them on.
Finally they were all ready to do some riding. Charlie turned to the right, towards the woods, obiediently, just as his master had told him to. After spending the afternoon riding and seeing wildlife, both rider and horse were tired and hungry and so returned to the stables.
Jenna said goodbye to Charlie and then headed home. She walked there this time.
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A cold morning
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