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 Kody's house

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PostSubject: Kody's house   Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:11 pm

Kody groggily stirred as his alarm clock went off. Why did sleep have to go by so fast? Kody, fully awake now, started his morning routine. It was Sunday and Kody normally didn't go to church so he had the day off. But that didn't mean he had nothing to do.
As soon as he was out of the shower, he threw on a fight button up shirt and some worn jeans. He usually didn't bother with his hair because he really didn't care. He usually laughed when the guys at school asked him what he did to his hair that made the girls liked it so much. He then shuffled into the kitchen and grabbed an apple and some water. As he sat and ate his breakfast, he heard total silence. Kody didn't care that his family had left him here. He got weekly checks from his parents, who where sailing in the Carribean. He had no siblings. But did it bother him? NO! He had as many friends as he wanted.
After Kody finished breakfest he went outside to think about what he was going to do that day. He needed to catch up on the grocerries and pick up a few stuff along the way. Kody took one last look at the rising sun before he locked up and jumped in his truck.
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Kody's house
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