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 Hoping for a Job

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PostSubject: Hoping for a Job   Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:54 am

A small bell tinkled quietly as Selena opened the door to the Convienence store. Her silver high heels clicked on the tile floor as she made her way to the front counter. A slight woman was working there. She was a skinny blonde with big blue eyes. "Hi, how can I help you?" the clerk asked in a high soprano voice.

"Well, I saw your help wanted ad outside on the window, and I really need a job." Selena shifted so she could grab her working papers out of her shoulder bag. "I have a resume and my working papers right here," she said, pulling out a legal sized manilla envelope. The clerk took the envelope and said she would be right back and walked into a back room.

About 10 minutes later, the manager came out, a big man with a beerbelly. He had a big bald patch right smack dab on the top of his head and a graying mustache. Selena had entertained herself with a Seventeen magazine, but rushed back to the counter as the manager, who's nametag read 'Mr.Burns', called her name.

With a hopeful expression, Selena joined him at the cash register. Mr. Burns cleared his throat and said in a deep, gravelly voice, "So, Ms. McClair, what position do you want? We have many open." Selena thought about it for a moment, then asked:

"Hmmm...What would be the most high-paying that I might be able to get?" Selena prided herself in her quick-thinking and smarts. She may not get the perfect job, but she'd rather have one where she could make a decent amount of money after school and on weekends.

The manager smiled, and Selena instantly liked him. "You see, my partner Sara here is about to be promoted to assistant manager. That would leave the cashier position open, and it's the third most paying job, after manager and asst. manager."

"I'll take it!"

Selena walked out of the Convienence store with a bright smile on her face. She had a job, an awesome house, awesome bedroom, awesome parents. Now all she needed was a pet. Selena unlocked her Mustang Saleen and headed for the Pet Store, muttering to herself, "Next stop on the road to awesomeness, the Pet Store!"
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Hoping for a Job
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