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 Tera's house

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Young Child

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PostSubject: Tera's house   Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:05 am

Tera walked though the door and put her bag down "Ma i am home!" Tera said running upstairs to her bedroom and flopping on her bed "Today i will get a dog!" She said running downstairs getting her wallet and cell phone "Be back in a minute mom!" Tera yelled as she walked down the street.

Tera came home and looked around her mother was unpacking "Tera? Would you help me?" Her mother asked, Tera reluctantly pulled herself away from the couch and helped her mom pack "You really should make some friends, you have not had one sense your father died" Tera looked at her mother "You know not to bring that up, Ma, I will make a friend soon enough!" Her mother shook her head but while doing so she dropped a vase. Thankfully Tera's speed and agility caught it "Careful ma!" Tera teased and handed her the Vase. Her mother put it on the Fire place "Now run along!" Her mother said as Tera walked out the door
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Tera's house
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