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 Megan's Home

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PostSubject: Megan's Home   Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:29 pm

Megan raced home, her new dog, Sammy, at her heels. She stopped at her door and opened it, coming inside the house. She closed the door behind her, locking it quietly. "Mom, I'm home!" She yelled, her mother coming from the kitchen with a dish towel in her hands as she dried them.

"Hello, Megan. Did you pick out a dog you liked?" She asked her, smiling. Megan smiled back, giving Sammy a pat on the head.

"I sure did! This here is Sammy," she said, pointing towards Sammy as she finished. Her mother smiled, setting the dish towel down on the counter.

"That's good, she's very beautiful." Her mother said, walking back into the kitchen as she grabbed the towel. "I'm sorry, hon, I'm a bit busy with dishes at the moment." She said, beginning to wash dishes in the kitchen sink. Megan smiled, un-hooking the leash from Sammy's collar.

"There you go, girl, now you can go explore you new home." She said, siting down on a living room chair. She just wathed and waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Megan's Home   Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:38 pm

Sammy wagged her tail with happyness, but was confused when her leash was un-hooked. She cocked her head for a second, wondering what to do now, but it didn't last long. she followed Megan's mother into the kitched and looked around. It was clean, but it had a slippery floor. She sniffed the air; it smelled good in here. she licked her maw as she smelled something cooking, but it didn't phaze her. She wanted to explore. She set off to another room with two huge monsters in it. She hesitated at first; as they where both making a very loud racket, but she continued on inside. the monsteres were sitting side-by-side, and one of the monster's belly's where see-through. Inside the monster's belly there were cloth-like things spinning rapidly. She carefully sniffed each one, then turned and walked back into the livingroom where Megan was. She lay down beside the chair where Megan was sitting and watched the commotion continue in the house.
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Megan's Home
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