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 Rules of the board

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PostSubject: Rules of the board   Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:50 pm

1.) Respect everyone. I will not tolerate any fighting here, unless it is in the Role Play.

2.) No too-bloody Role Playing. You can be some graphic, but no blood and guts gushing everywhere.

3.) No sexual, racist, or disturbing pictures, links, videos, or PM's. If I find out this has been done, the person will be banned.

4.) If you get a bad PM from someone, get a screen shot of it and show it to me. I will ban or alter permissions for the user who sent it.

5.) Respect the Moderators and Admins. I will not tolerate anyone disrespecting anyone. Thats it.

6.) No bad language. I will be putting word censors up, but I won't tolerate any bad language.

7.) Please post at least one paragraph (at least 4 scentences) of Role Play. Don't just post one scentence every time, it really gets annoying sometimes.

8.) Characters must be approved my me or WildWind. Do not start Role Playing with them until they are accepted.

9.) Have fun!
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Rules of the board
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